Addressing Unconscious Bias

What can you do to prevent unconscious bias in the workplace?

Unconscious bias – and with this, an accompanying lack of workplace diversity, can have profoundly negative effects on a business. Recruitment can be impacted, engagement levels can be damaged and retention rates can plummet; so, what can we do about it?


In the second instalment of our Unconscious Bias campaign, ‘Understanding Unconscious Bias: The UK & Ireland Recruitment Landscape’, we brought you the results of our research where we looked to better understand the current status quo within UK & Ireland organisations.

One of the most alarming findings to emerge from our research was the apparent lack of training given to hiring managers in relation to unconscious bias: we found that 39% of the hiring managers surveyed had never been trained in best practice around unconscious bias in their current company. Whilst of those who had, 11% had not received any form of refresher or update in the past two years.

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