Is your career really at risk?

It is no secret that the world of work is ever changing. Recent headlines suggest the impact of technology, robots and AI on the employment market could be both drastic and disturbing.


Artificial Intelligence already has a pretty big presence in most workplaces. The thing is, it’s set to have an even bigger share of the jobs market in the not so distant future. As technology becomes more advanced, so too does the range of tasks that robots can accomplish. So where manufacturing and other ‘low skill’ jobs were once decimated by machines that could do it faster, cheaper and often better, today’s professions are under similar fire. In fact, in this increasingly digital age, it seems that no job is safe

“Accountants will find that software has replaced them, and that software neither miscalculates nor leaves the risk of a government audit to chance. Interpreters will sit idle, because anybody in any language can communicate across the globe, in any language, and in real-time. Marketeers will be slammed by programmatic buying software that eliminates the judgment for which they were once valued, much as is already happening with stockbrokers and traders. The list is endless. It impacts job categories once considered safe. No more. The hard truth is: many thousands of people will find their job position deleted, or their skillsets replicated by a computer at lower cost.”

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