Top 10 Skills Needed to Work in Logistics

We asked our UK wide logistics clients ‘what are the key skills required to be successful in the logistics sector?’ 

  • 1. Be customer focused:

    The end customer is always the focus in Logistics.  It is customer focus that is a key driver for the industry as consumers will always expect goods in a timely and efficient way.  The major logistics companies are continuously looking at ways to improve customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction.
  • 2. Be organised:

    Logistics companies are incredibly organised.  Successful people in logistics have the ability to plan, schedule and deliver goods on time.  Poor organisation can lead to increased costs and dissatisfied customers.
  • 3. Be solution orientated:

    Problems will always occur in logistics.  Successful people will be solution orientated and look to minimise problems before they happen, and are quick to respond if they do happen.  They apply logic to situations and look at many possible solutions to problems.
  • 4. Conflict management:

    At the heart of logistics is the people and sometimes coordinating a lot of people can cause conflict (as we all know!)  A successful logistics worker will look to minimise conflict and help with solutions where needed.
  • 5. Be a Team Player:

    Logistics companies are always goal orientated.  A logistics worker will have to work with a large and diverse range of people in order to achieve these goals.  Therefore solid team work skills are essential.
  • 6. Be a People Person:

    Throughout a logistics worker’s career, they would have to meet, work with and rely on a wide range of people. To do this effectively they must have strong relationship building skills.
  • 7. Embrace new technology:

    Technology affects everybody and this is especially true in the logistics sector.  With companies looking to remain competitive, the introduction of new technology in especially relevant in this sector.  This gives people excellent opportunities to increase their skills as time moves on.
  • 8. Be accountable:

    “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” Everybody in the logistics team will have an important role to play regardless of job title or pay scale.  By being accountable and responsible for their work, a successful logistics worker can have a massive affect on the team and company.
  • 9. Be results driven:

    The majority or work places are target driven these days and logistics is no different.  Successful employees look to exceed their targets but also have to continually improve their work process to achieve these results more efficiently.
  • 10. Be innovative:

    Logistics companies depend on workers who can innovate and make the old ways of doing things better.  This is one of the reasons why logistics is an exciting sector to work in because the work is continually evolving, and never gets stale!

    Still thinking about a career in logistics? Have you got what it takes? Get in touch with your local expert to see if you could be the right fit.

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