Why do temps, temp?

The security of a permanent role isn't everyone's cup of tea. We are seeing more and more people choose temporary work as an alternative, but why?


What is the draw to temporary employment? And would these workers take a permanent role if they were offered one? In our latest research we surveyed over a thousand temporary workers and uncovered some home truths.

Here is a snapshot of the findings:

  • More than half (56%) of those surveyed chose temporary employment as opposed to falling into it because they struggled to find permanent employment.
  • Despite enjoying the flexibility, three quarters of those surveyed would take a permanent position if offered one.
  • Sadly, nearly three quarters feel they receive fewer benefits than their permanent colleagues.
  • Only 20% of those surveyed thought Brexit would have a negative impact on their working conditions.
  • 37% said the best thing about being a temporary worker is the opportunity to gain new skills and experience.
  • Nearly two thirds had been a temp for more than a year.
  • A third of temps felt pressurised not to take holiday.
  • A quarter of over 55s chose temporary work for the work-life balance, compared to just 8% of 16-24yr olds.
  • 69% of respondents said uncertainty was the biggest negative of temporary work.
  • More than 10% of females surveyed plan on being a temp indefinitely.

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